The Light Frequency Remodulation Program


The Light Frequency Remodulation Program works on every level of our Beingness. Every sub-atomic particle in the Universe has a frequency signature; every organ, body part, chakra, gland, thought, feeling and belief emits an energy signature. When in alignment with Source, in vibrational resonance, we create new expressions of Source based on our thoughts and feelings, adding to the collective expansion of Divine Love. When in misalignment to Source, we create contrasting experiences to give rise to the new idea of what we truly desire within our lives to remember our magnificence and preciousness. However, these misaligned frequencies, these imprintings of false beliefs and judgments, further create a sense of feeling out of balance, or having no control within our own lives, and take us into the pain body with the primary belief that we need to experience pain and suffering for our Soul’s growth.

The Light Frequency Remodulation Program presents us with a series of tools and techniques to align us deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, into the knowing that we are truly these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, being able to tune in and align to these higher dimensional frequencies and co-create our reality with the One Reality of All That Is.

Working with a core group of Light Beings, resonant Light frequencies are brought in through the chakras, meridians and within and around the body drawing upon the rays of creation, sacred geometry, Light shields, Light Body and DNA activations to remodulate our frequency and align deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

The Light Frequency Remodulation Program is a perfect tool for both the beginner and the advanced student wishing to experience these frequencies of Light from an energetic and healing perspective. The Light Frequency Remodulation program is Overlighted by our Beloved I Am Presence, a Core Group of Light Beings and these vibrational resonating frequencies brought through work on the physical/etheric, emotional, mental and/or Spiritual levels, depending on what is needed at any given Now moment.

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