Anchoring and activating the Light Rays of the 12 Mighty Elohim

Anchoring and activating the Light Rays of the 12 Mighty Elohim



In this Golden Age of Light, as our Sun became the Central Sun and Mother Earth, the Spiritual Sun for this Solar System, Helios and Vesta imbued us in the radiance of their Divine Causal Body of Light and the new Earth Templates through the Cosmic ray of Solar Service, a combination of all twelve rays with a focus on the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

In the initial creation of our Solar System, Helios and Vesta directed the Light rays of Absolute Consciousness into this Solar system to maintain the planets in a particular orbital position, and to sustain Life thereon. Upon passing this initiation, the Divine Blueprint and Immaculate Conception of our Solar System came into being with the assistance of the Silent Watchers, the Might Elohim, builders of form, and Nature Intelligence.

And now, as the Patterns of Perfection are again being re-experienced through the new Earth Templates, we are offered an opportunity to experience the highest wisdom of God as we assist the Mighty Elohim to anchor and activate their Temple Light Ray frequencies through the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

In essence, we are being given an opportunity through the Mighty Elohim to experience our full magnificence and Light as the Solar Christ Beings of Light in this Now and to activate the Elohimic Flames of Light so all Life may experience their Highest Potential as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

We are invited into the Elohim’s Temple of Light Rays to be imbued with the ray frequencies and qualities of each of the 12 Mighty Elohim and to activate the Light ray frequencies within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

The Flames are Light experienced through the Mighty Elohim are brought forth through:

Hercules and Amazonia ~ Dark Blue Flame ~ Activation of Power, Divine Will and Responsibility

Apollo and Lumina ~ Golden Yellow Flame ~ Wisdom, Illumination and contemplation

Heros and Amora ~ Pink Flame ~ The Cohesion of Divine Love

Purity and Astrea ~ Light Blue Flame ~ Purification

Cyclopea and Virginia ~ White Flame ~ The perception of Truth and Justice

Peace and Aloha ~Green Flame ~ The Power of Peace

Arcturus and Victoria ~ Violet Purple Flame ~ Freedom in creative expression of Self

Astriel and Aspira ~ Silver Flame ~ Divine Grace and a deeper understanding of our Service work

Regiel and Capella ~ Pink Gold Flame ~ Divine Attunement

Oriel and Divina ~ Silver Gold Flame ~ Beyond the Abyss ~ Timeline convergence

Persiel and Delfina ~ Platinum Flame ~ Manifestation and Magnetization

Matriel and Vegela ~ Diamond Flame ~ Activation of our Light Bodies

We end this transmission with a focus on World Peace, linking with the many Legions of Light, Light Workers and star seeded ones anchoring and activating the Flame of World Peace in this Golden Age of Light.

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