Inner Tree of Life Higher Self Embodiment Activation

Inner Tree of Life Higher Self Embodiment Activation



90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


We are now collectively vibrating to the frequencies of New Earth and organic Christed timelines and to a choir of celestial voices from deep within, having merged and integrated many of our Higher Selves, multidimensional Selves and future Selves.

To assist us in deepening into Soul Embodiment, we are offered the Inner Tree of Life Higher Self Embodiment Activation. This frequency activation uses the energy of sacred geometry, primarily the Golden Sun, representing Christ Consciousness, the Flower of Life, representing the Patterns of Perfection and the Inner Tree of Life as it embeds within and around the body, as our embodied Higher Selves.

The Inner Tree of Life Higher Self Embodiment Activation is a very powerful tool for Quantum Light activations as we bring our physical body online with New Earth. Whilst New Earth may have felt surreal, it now becomes more real in this passageway, and through this gateway.

In this powerful transmission, we start with the Golden Sun Flower of Life Zero Point Activation through the Loving Heart and as the Golden Sun and Flower of Life activate around the body and energy field, we visualize, grid and activate the 11 Sephirot (Spheres) of the Kabbalah as the Golden Suns and Christed Light within the Flower of Life.

As we grid the Inner Tree of Life from sphere to sphere in the Golden Suns of Christ Consciousness and join the paths in Golden Triangles of Light, we end with 11 Spheres and 22 Paths. With this, beloved hearts, we create a multidimensional map and Divine Blueprint for Higher Self embodiment, and our ability to live our Ascended Selves as the Light of God We Are.

Join us in this celestial passageway as together we become our Higher Selves and Ascended Aspects upon this sacred earth.