The Presence of the Divine Mother Within

The Presence of the Divine Mother Within



90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

In this powerful energetic transmission, we accelerate our frequency, birth into creation new golden opportunities, and connect ever deeper into the Heart of Gaia, and the Flame of Compassion. This Flame of Compassion and Love amplifies in this Now moment and as these sacred, holy Flames of Divinity, the Stargate of our Loving Hearts expands into the deepening Presence of the Divine Mother within. As we deepen into Compassion through our Golden Hearts, we dissolve the wounded masculine, and victim/persecutor consciousness. We fine tune our frequency and shift dimensionally into ever higher octaves of the One Heart of All That Is.

We are further invited into Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart. We receive an attunement to Divine Mother Mary as we step ever deeper into the Divine Mother energy of compassion and Love, gratitude and appreciation, loving kindness and respect for all. Further to this, we are offered an opportunity to focus on all our relationships.

Additionally, we experience an Initiation of Enlightenment as we elevate our consciousness, experience a Pineal Gland Activation and remember ourselves as Initiates of Light.

We further experience the Rays of Creation in each month. In this beautiful transmission, along with the beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love, and the Violet Flame of Transmutation, we experience the Ray of Solar Service, of Solar Crystalline Consciousness, the Ray of Highest Potentials and the Ray of Devotion and Idealism.

Through the Overlighting of Lord Buddha, we are invited into these sacred Ray Ashrams as we create our Crystalline Light Body and program the Original Divine Blueprinting from within, whilst expanding our Devotion as the Light of God We Are.

Enjoy this powerful transmission of Invocations and Affirmations as we journey ever deeper into the One Heart of All That Is, in Unity, Community and Love.

Your download is available as a zipped file, with two Mp3’s, with and without background music. No transcribe is provided.