Two Hour Valentine Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

With and without background music

As we experience this Golden Age of Light and New Beginnings, we come into a deeper understanding of our own unique preciousness and Light, and the knowing that we are all One. Most Light workers now stepping out of the old karmic or shadow mate relationships and into the Twin Flame energy to deepen their service work through Divine sacred re-union with their entire Soul cluster.

If we have chosen the Soul contract of experiencing union with another, we have a desire for this re-union and often have a sense of this Soul energy in the dream state or in a deepening sense of connecting on the inner planes, for these Twin Flame contracts are mostly experienced when in alignment with the Divine, when we recognize the Self in another. We have a sense of Oneness, of feeling like we have always known this person, as this Soul resonance is so close to our own.

We may also have chosen the Soul contract of experiencing the energy of our Twin Flame on the inner planes, and this energy matrix can also be activated through the body and energy field in deep states of bliss or cosmic orgasm.

And for many, there are also the Soul contracts in which combining the Flames of the Twin Souls within One Soul cluster and then the Soul group is now a predominant focus. This is starting to be experienced by more Light workers now, as we experience ourselves as the I Am Avatar race through the merger and integration of our multidimensional Selves, our Higher Selves. These Soul contracts, combining the Flames of Twin Souls within one Soul cluster, has incredible potential to shift the consciousness of all Life within the chosen planet or star system, as well as assist in bringing about a deeper sense of Union with the Divine for their own Soul group, as all 12 Soul paired rays within this cluster ascend into a higher state of consciousness and Light. And these Soul contracts can be experienced through the energy of the Twin Flame initially, either in physical form or discarnate form, and from here, within the Soul cluster.

This telewebinar will further take us through the Uniting of Flames Rites to deepen our understanding of how we are coming together as the sacred Flames of Love in Twin Flames re-unions collectively to deepen our service work and shift the consciousness of all Life on this earth plane.

These Uniting of Flames Rites covers:

The different types of Soul mates and how does this differs from Twin Flames ~ understanding the different Soul and karmic contracts

Embracing and loving ourselves ~holding ourselves in gentleness and safety ~forgiving and loving ourselves and others and healing the wounds of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Activation of the 13-Body chakra system

Integrating the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes of Light

Connecting to our Twin Flame ~ creating balance in wholeness and activating the kundalini and tantric channels

This will be a beautiful transmission on the energy of Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Soul Clusters and a ReUnion of Hearts on the Inner Planes.