The Angelic Template of Power and Strength

The Angelic Template of Power and Strength



We enter into the Temple of Power to receive the Angelic Template of Power and Strength Overlighted by Archangel Michael. Within this Temple, we are offered an opportunity to release issues of abuse and misuse of power. We step into sovereignty

and freedom and the acknowledgment that we no longer need to attempt to please others as we release old vows and contracts.

We receive our Diamond Sword of Holy Truth, Crystalline Shield of Light and Golden Helmet. As the fearless warriors of Light, we merge with our Divine Masculine Spirits and journey into releasing old karmic cords, healing relationships that have wounded us, understanding our pre-birth agreements, and viewing the Akashic Records; so that these timelines too may dissolve into higher trajectories of increased consciousness and Light.

Additionally we activate the hypothalamus, this tiny structure of the brain responsible for our flight, fight or freeze response as we find new ways of conscious communication in all our relationships.