The Arcturian Cosmic Heart Activations

The Arcturian Cosmic Heart Activations



120-minute masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

With and without background music

Join Anrita in this beautiful heartfelt masterclass transmission as we deepen into our magnificence and Light walking the Path of Divine Love.

As the Patterns of Perfection and New Earth Templates are amplified in this sacred Now moment, we are invited to experience Seven Arcturian Cosmic Heart Activations Overlighted by the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light and assisted by many of the Legions of Light from On High.

As we experience the Arcturian Cosmic Heart Activations we are taken on-board an Arcturian Light Ship. Activating our Arcturian 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light and the Golden Petals of our Christed Heart, we enter seven different Cosmic Heart Chambers, each one taking us deeper into our Christed Heart and the knowing of ourselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

These seven Cosmic Heart Activations are:

The Arcturian Healing Heart Activation

The Arcturian Healing Heart Activation works on different levels, emotionally and physically in clearing old frozen miasms, judgments and false beliefs, as well as rejuvenating and regenerating the physical body. Additionally, we are taken deeper into acceptance and appreciation of each feeling, of each emotion as we embrace every sub-personality aspect of ourselves within our Christed Heart.

The Arcturian Self Mastery Heart Activation

The Arcturian Self Mastery Heart Activation links us to the knowing of ourselves as Initiates of Light. The Arcturians assist in connecting the heart chakra and third eye, as we enter the timelines of ourselves as the Priests and Priestesses to the Order of Melchizedek. We experience the Left Eye of Horus and then the Right Eye of Horus, taking on the remembrance of the Teachings of Light of the Eye of Horus through this Self Mastery Heart Activation.

The Arcturian Forgiveness Heart Activation

Surrounded in the Arcturian Violet Silver Quantum Healing Flame of Light and the Overlighting of Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, the Arcturian Forgiveness Heart Activation takes us deeper along the Path of Forgiveness as we release blame and judgment. In these beautiful Flames of Forgiveness, we find ourselves coming deeper into humility, looking through our Master Eyes at all of Life around us.

The Arcturian Galactic Heart Activation

The Arcturian Galactic Heart Activation deepens our connects to the Divine Masculine and Feminine Deities as well as our own Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits within our Hearts Temple. Additionally, we activate the Kundalini and Tantric channels to experience of the Patterns of Perfection and Unity Consciousness.

Arcturian Ascension Heart Activation

The Arcturian Ascension Heart Activation amplifies our Light Bodies, as we energetically rewire into the higher dimensions and multidimensional realities.

Arcturian Star Portals Heart Activation

The Arcturian Star Portals Heart Activation assists us to deepen our connection to out Star Family of the Light. As we merge with each one of the core groups of the Christed ET’s, each Star Council, we receive the impressions and images of our connection to each one of these core groups as well as the service work that we are involved in, in this Lifetime and in parallel realities. Additionally, each Star Council will further activate the Star Ki codes through the original Divine Eight Cell Blueprint.

Arcturian DNA Heart Activation

Lastly, we experience the Arcturian DNA Heart Activation, which aligns into our original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and assists in activating our Crystalline Sun DNA templates of Light, spinning the sub-atomic particles and chakras through the appropriate Fibonacci ratios, into the New Earth frequencies of Divine Love.

Working with Invocations, Affirmations and Heart Frequency Activations with the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light as well as many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, we connect into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light and Unity Grid. As One Unified Cosmic Heart. Furthermore, we make these energies of Divine Unconditional Love available for all Life on this sacred earth, while moving deeper into our own heart’s, magnificence and Light. And so it is.