The Atlantean Pyramid and the 12 Master Crystal Temples of Light

The Atlantean Pyramid and the 12 Master Crystal Temples of Light



“The Pyramid of Atlantis etherically houses the 12 Master Crystal Temples from Atlantis, which opens the dimensional portals to all dimensions of Light, to all Golden Ages of Light, and with this, allows the Crystalline Consciousness emanating from these Master Crystals to activate at a cellular level, and through the chakras, taking you beyond the illusion of realities in time on this Earth plane. To the knowing sweet ones, that you are supreme creator in form within the quantum crystalline field of One Unity Consciousness. To heal what needs to be healed, and to truly experience and know yourselves in your full magnificence and Light through the celebration of the Divinity of every thought, feeling and action”.

Join Anrita and the Elders as we travel in Soul consciousness into the Golden Pyramid of Atlantis, and from here, enter into each of the 12 Master Crystal Temples of Atlantis Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and with Thoth as our Master Guide. We experience a deeper integration and activation of these twelve Master Crystals, as they activate through the 12 primary chakras within our bodies, and additionally draw up all the gifts, sacred geometries and healing energies of the Atlantean Light Grid Crystalline frequencies through affirmations, invocations and the Christed Timelines

From here, we enter into the Halls of Amenti and experience the personal living library of our Golden Age lifetimes and service work in Atlantis.

These Twelve Master Crystal Temples of Atlantis are:

The Diamond Crystal Temple of Multidimensional Interface

The Ruby Fire Crystal Temple of Energy

The Rose Crystal Temple of Creative Energy

The Sacred Crystal Temple of Thoth

The Emerald Crystal Temple of Healing

The Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration

The Violet Crystal Temple of Sound

The Blue Crystal of Knowledge

The Platinum Crystal Temple of Communication

The Silver Crystal Temple of Divine Love

The Golden-White Crystal Temple of Unity Consciousness

The Sun-Moon Crystal Temple of Light

Join us in this powerful transmission of Light, as together we co-create Heaven on Earth in this sacred Golden Age of Light. And so it is.

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