Stargate One

Stargate One



In this transmission by the Arturians, you focus primarily on the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid of Light as you link to other Light Workers on this Unity grid. You assist in a deeper activation of the twelve earth chakras through the twelve related sacred sites, and feel this activation of the twelve chakras within your own body and energy field too. Following this, you activate the axiatonal lines of Mother Earth through the leylineswithin and around this Planetary grid of Light, as well as within your own body through spin points of sound and color frequencies, found along the meridian lines.

You are placed in a Sonic Emissions Chamber of Light and a Recalibration Chamber of Light by the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light. The Sonic Emissions Chamber of Light will link you through sound frequencies into experiencing refined Light transmissions and downloads, and the Recalibration Chamber of Light will assist in a better balance of the lower bodies through all the ascension symptoms being experienced. The Recalibration Chamber of Light further assists in the clearing of the DNA to allow for the reactivation of the first two strand DNA. In addition to this, you focus on linking into the Christ Consciousness grid through the twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousness, surrounding this Earth plane and all Life on this Earth plane in a vibrant gold flame of Planetary Christ Consciousness.

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