The Arcturian Stargate Series and Unity Grid of Light Transmissions


The Arcturian Stargate Series and Unity Grid of Light Transmissions



The Arcturian Emissaries of the Light call this the Stargate series, or journey through the stargates and gateways of Light, as they assist in building the Light Body, the I Am Avatar blueprint and activating the twelve strand DNA through the crystalline grid and the stargates within and around the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid that link us in Cosmic Consciousness into the higher dimensions. While there is a focus through each transmission on the Planetary Unity Grid, this crystalline grid of Light holding the highest potential of all Life on this Earth plane, as you work both individually and collectively through the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid, you get the opportunity to travel in Soul Consciousness through the stargates around this grid of Light into the higher dimensions, primarily the fourth to the ninth dimensions respectively. At each dimensional level, you focus on activating the axiatonal lines related to these dimensional frequencies and through this the dormant DNA. The axiatonal lines are found within the body, and around and within the related Christ Consciousness/Unity Grid at each dimensional level, connecting all Life to particular sound and color frequencies that awakens the dormant DNA and takes us further into Unity Consciousness. The axiatonal lines create a weaving of Light around each organ and body part in our bodies and this corresponding frequency is found within the related planets and/or stars at each dimensional level. So, by activating the axiatonal lines within the body through the dimensional stargates of Light, we activate the full twelve strand DNA as well as experience all aspects of our multidimensional Selves. Put another way, as Star Beings of Light, these axiatonal lines are needing to be activated to experience ourselves fully as these Master Beings of Light and co-creators to the Company of Heaven through the dimensional frequencies relative to our multidimensional Selves at each dimensional level and further to this, assist in the patterning of the collective planetary vibration on this Earth plane.

As the axiatonal lines, DNA strands and related codes are activated at each dimensional level, this gets to be available to other Light workers as you activate these codes within the Christ Consciousness grid of Light, as well as assist in raising the vibration of the earth plane through the related Cosmic rays.