The Angelic Template of Abundance & Manifestation

The Angelic Template of Abundance & Manifestation



Through the Angelic Template of Abundance & Manifestation, we draw upon the New Earth Blueprints to create “new” levels of manifestation and abundance through our heart’s dreaming and joy Overlighted by Archangels Uriel and Chamuel. It is truly a time when projects that have been put on hold can now unfold and Divine Inspiration guides us ever deeper into the joy and delight and abundance of 5D living.

We bring into manifestation that which was previously unmanifest and with this, experience the Sun Codes of Unity by returning Home, into the Higher Heart and Higher Mind, where all is Love and all is One. Through Service in Love, we activate

the Solar Crystalline Unity codes through the Unity Grid of Divine Love for all awakened Souls choosing the path of Divine Love.