Christ Consciousness Attunements with the Ascended Masters

Christ Consciousness Attunements with the Ascended Masters



90 Minute Masterclass with Anrita (With and without background music)


Beloved hearts,

Join us in these beautiful Christ Consciousness Attunements with the Ascended Masters. As we expand our frequency and elevate our Consciousness, Overlighted by the Office of the Christed Ones, we attune to and activate the Light Codes of our Christed Light from deep within. With this, we experience a deepening sense of New Earth, and a new way of Being, living from our loving hearts and flowing with the organic ascension timelines.

In this Now moment, as we align ever deeper into the Inner Sun and Christ within through the Solstice energies, and the collective consciousness expands into the energy of Christ-Mass as well as that of the Divine Mother, our ability to attune to the next level of Christ Consciousness for this sacred earth amplifies, and with this, we receive the radiance and gifts of the Masters. As we merge our Light collectively with many of the Inner Plane Masters within Shamballa, we are assisted in activating the qualities, and energies of Self Mastery, as we expand our frequency to be embraced within the frequency of the Masters.

This allows each one of us as the Light of God We Are to restore our Divine Christed Blueprint as we receive an influx of Christed/Photonic Light to expand beyond the old and transcend all karmic experiences no longer needing to be experienced. With this, we restore our cellular memories to Crystalline Consciousness, as we remember fully that we are the Christ Light, living from a state of Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

Additionally, as we deepen into the next level of Christ Consciousness, we assist in lifting the consciousness of every man, woman and child upon this sacred earth simply through our Light.

2000 years ago, Jesus the Christ walked upon this earth as a living example of Christ Consciousness. He told us that “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within Us” and the only way into the kingdom of God is through Christ.

Christ Consciousness beloved hearts is the entrainment and then attainment of a frequency and energy that is experienced in the embodiment of our Higher Selves, and Beloved I Am Presence. It is the Purity, and Divinity and Innocence within of our Christed Light, that opens our hearts to all. We further recognize that all Life has the spark of God essence and it is simply the levels of consciousness that differ from individual to individual.

In restoring our Christed Blueprint, we trust and surrender to our Universe, our Soul and Higher Selves, our Christed Light, and flow with the organic ascension timelines within the Unity Grid and the value systems of New Earth, where all is Love and Love is All There Is. Where all is always Highest Aligned. Where we show up with our gifts and skills and Light to co-create as One Heart and One Love.

It is also the recognition that we join many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High as Brothers and Sisters of the Light to assist all awakening and awakened Souls to move through the density, perceived separation, false beliefs and judgments to the experience of the Christed Light within, such as we are doing in this Now, through our feelings, thoughts, actions and loving hearts in the attainment of Oneness with God.

So join us in this Christ-Mass Masterclass for a whole new level of Unity Consciousness and Love, as we connect to the Office of the Christed Ones as the Christed Ones, with our commitment and responsibility, frequency and Light to be the change upon this sacred earth.