The Angelic New Earth Templates


A series of twelve beautiful invocations and affirmations Overlighted by the Archangels
By Anrita Melchizedek

Welcome beloved hearts, thank you for choosing this beautiful series of New Earth Angelic Templates, which you can use for yourself or offer in readings or healings for others. These Templates are igniting and activating for us at this time as we deepen into the New Earth timelines of Divine Love, create new blueprints, accelerate into our Soul’s Forward Evolution and experience Soul embodiment as we walk the path of Love.

Overlighted by the Archangels and their Legions of Light, we experience the Templates of Health and Wellness, Forgiveness and Love, Gratitude and Appreciation, Consciousness and Intuition, Joy & Happiness, Insight and Compassion, Abundance and Manifestation, Power & Strength, Divine Love, Peace & Calm, Purpose & Passion and Magnificence & Worthiness.

All transmissions are done in the form of invocations, allowing us a deepening experience of the Angelic Templates and related Archangels. You can play these invocations aloud, or put it on silent and play through the night and still receive the benefits to these light encoded frequency transmissions.

This package also includes a lovely 157 page eBook with the written invocations and how to work with the New Earth Angelic Templates, plus the 12 Angelic Template Mandalas plus a bonus Mp3 on the Rays of Creation. Enjoy!